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Docteur en mammographie


Doctor  : hello Mr McKay what brings you here today ?


Patient  :I  have a fever and a sore stomach

D : okay Tony ! I see your temperature is a hundred and four degrees 


      that's very high !


P : yes I feel very dizzy and nauseous !


D: did you get sick ?

P : yes I vomited twice this morning !


D: did you have any diarrhea ?


p: yes a little bit !

D: Did you take any medicine to treat your symptoms ?


P : No doctor I didn't take anything !


D : okay sounds like you may have some food poisoning


P: oh no !

D :t ake this medicine now and again every six hours until it's finished


     you'll be okay in about 24 hours !


P: that's a relief ! thank you very much doctor! 

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