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M1: Morning, madam. May I see your passport, please?


F1: Yes, of course. Here you are.


M1: Mrs M McDonald, travelling alone.


F1: That’s right.


M1: Fine. Do you have your e-booking confirmation?


F1: Yes, er, here it is.


M1: Mm hm, that’s all fine. One moment, please (typing).


Do you have any luggage, other than hand luggage?


F1: Yes, there’s this case.


M1: On the scales, please.


F1: (grunts) There you are.


M1: OK, that’s just inside the permitted weight allowance.



      Did you pack your bag yourself?


F1: Yes.


M1: And have you left it unattended at any time before or since


      arriving at the airport?


F1: Er, no, I don’t think so.


M1: Have you seen the list of prohibited items for hand luggage?



F1: Yes, I’ve just got one small bottle of perfume. It’s under


     100 millilitres I’m sure.

     wan handreud      shour      



M1: I see. You might have to show that at the security check.


F1: Oh.


M1: Now, would you prefer an aisle seat or a window seat?



F1: Aisle, please, and as near the front as possible.


M1: Mm hm (typing). I can give you K3, on the aisle.


F1: Oh, that’s fine, thank you.

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