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Conversation #1

Man: Why didn't you come to the party?
Woman: I didn't know about it.
Man: Oh, no. I should have told you about it.
Woman: Yeah, I would have come, if I had known about it.
Man: That's too bad. I think you would have enjoyed it.
Woman: I think I would have too!

Conversation #2

Man: So how was your job interview?
Woman: Good, but I should have spoken up more.
Man: Oh, I am sure you did fine.
Woman: Yeah, I just wish I had expressed myself better.
Man: I think you are being too hard on yourself.
Woman: Maybe, but I still think I could have done better.

Conversation #3

Man:How was the movie?
Woman: Actually, I wish I hadn't seen it.
Man: Why? Was it that bad?
Woman: No! It was a great movie.
Man: Then, why do you wish you hadn't seen it?
Woman: Because it was so scary. I couldn't sleep last night.
Man: Oh, really. I love horror movies. Now I wish I had seen it.
Woman: Well, it is playing for another week, so you have time.

Conversation #4

Man: How was your vacation?
Woman: Good, but I wish I had stayed at a different hotel.
Man: Why do you say that?
Woman: Well, it was next to a lively street and it was so noisy.
Man: Oh no!
Woman: As a result, I never had a good night sleep.
Man: Maybe you should have read some reviews first.
Woman:Yeah, I should have.
Man: Well, shoulda, woulda coulda!

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