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Verbe être (past)


Négation contractée

I            WAS                  NOT                I             WASN'T  
YOU    WERE               NOT                YOU    WEREN'T
HE       WAS                   NOT               HE        WASN'T

SHE    WAS                   NOT                SHE     WASN'T 

IT         WAS                   NOT                IT         WASN'T  

WE     WERE                NOT               WE      WEREN'T

YOU    WERE               NOT                YOU    WEREN'T 
THEY  WERE               NOT               THEY   WEREN'T  
Interrogatif :  WERE  YOU HAPPY ?Affirmatif :       I WAS  HAPPY 
Négatif :          YOU WEREN'T  HAPPY       



Conversation 1

Man : How was the movie?

Woman : It was really good

Man : was it scary ?

Woman  :yes ! it was really scary

Man : Nice, was it crowded

Woman : No it wasn't there weren't many people there surprisingly

conversation 2 

Man :Where were you last night ?

Woman : I was at work

Man : Really ?!  I was at your shop you weren't there !

Woman : No I was in the back working

Man : You were

Woman : Really ! I was there

conversation 3

Man : How was the test ?

Woman : It was really hard

Man : How long was it ?

Woman : There were about 20 problems

Man : yeah ! what was your score ?

Woman : Let's just say it wasn't great but it wasn't bad either

conversation 4 :

Man : Do you know who was at the party ? 

Woman : Jason  was there so was sue,

Man : Oh were tom and katie there ?

Woman : No they weren't there but their son was

Man : Oh i see so was it fun ?

Woman : yeah it was a fun evening

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