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Conversation 1

Man: What did you do yesterday?
Woman: Nothing much. I just stayed at home and cleaned the house.
Man: How boring!

Woman: Yeah, it was. And you? What did you do?
Man: I drove to the mountains and went hiking.

Woman: That sounds fun!
Man: It was. I had a great time.

Conversation 2

Man: Did you do anything this weekend?
Woman: I did. I took the train to the city and met my friend.
Man: Oh, yeah! What did you do?

Woman: We had lunch and did some shopping.
Man: Did you buy anything?

Woman: No, I didn’t. I just went window shopping. I’m trying to save money.
Man: Me too!

Conversation 3

Man: How was your day?
Woman: Terrible. I was so busy.
Man: Oh, that’s too bad.

Woman: Yeah, we were so busy at lunch. One person called in sick so we were short-staffed.
Man: That’s not good. How did you manage?

Woman: The boss came in and helped us.

Conversation 4

Man: Did you talk to Bob?
Woman: I did. He said he was sorry.
Man: What did he say?

Woman: He said he didn’t mean to get mad at you.
Man: Well, he did. He made me cry.

Woman: I know. But he is really sorry about it.

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