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Although/even though

  • Although she is old, she can still run far.


Even if

  • She is pretty and single, but even if she wasn’t pretty, she would still be single.


In case

  • You might want to take flat shoes; in case you want to dance later.


 In spite of/despite

  • In spite of/despite the fact she was busy, she still made time to volunteer.


So that

  •  He took a large umbrella so that if it rained, he wouldn’t get wet.



  •  You can rely on me whatever happens.



  •  Samantha has a dog, whereas Billy does not.



  •  I would lend money to you whenever you need it.



  •  I will still care for you wherever you go.


As a result/Consequently/Furthermore

  •  The company is growing. Consequently, there will be more jobs on offer.


Besides/Furthermore/In addition/More over

  •  The holiday is too expensive. Besides, I don’t really want to go.



  •  The shop was open. However, nobody came to the kiosk.


In the same way/ Likewise/ Similarly

  •  I believe that teenagers are respectful. Similarly, research has shown this.

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