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Must  = Devoir 

Seulement au présent . Jamais suivi de TO 

Pas d'auxiliaire 

Obligation  :

I MUST  STOP SMOKING   Je dois arrêter  de fumer 

1 Equivalent : TO HAVE TO

He has to wear a tie at work   Il doit porter une cravate au W

He had to wear a tie at work   Il devait porter une cravate 

He will have to wear a tie at work  Il devra porter une cravate 

Must implique une obligation personelle  To have to une obligation extérieure 

2 A la forme négative :


To have to = Absence de nécessité 

You don't have to come tomorrow  Tu n'as pas besoin de venir

Forbidden / prohibited 

It will be prohibited/ forbidden to use a calculator 

Il sera interdit d'utiliser une calculatrice 

Should  = Devrait  

Suggestion :

You should work harder    Tu devrais travailler plus dur 

You shouldn't smoke.       Tu ne devrais pas fumer 

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Man: What should I do in your city?
Woman: You should visit the harbor. There is a lot to do there.
Man: When is the best time to go?
Woman: I would go on the weekday. Don’t go on the weekend.
Man: Why should I go then?
Woman: It gets really crowded on the weekends and everything is overpriced. It is cheaper on the weekdays.

Man: What foods should I try?
Woman: You should try the local seafood. It’s really fresh.
Man: Anything in particular?
Woman: I would try the grilled Mahi-Mahi. It is to die for!
Man: Is there anything I should skip?
Woman: I wouldn’t eat the crab. It’s overrated.

Man: What about nightlife?
Woman: If you like dancing. Club One is a great place to go.
Man: I am not much of a dancer, but I like singing.
Woman: In that, check out the karaoke club near the harbor.
Man: Is it hard to get in.
Woman: No, you should be fine.

Man: When is the best time to go?
Woman: I would go in March.
Man: Why is that?
Woman: The weather is nice and it does not rain much.
Man: When is the worst time?
Woman: I wouldn’t go in July. It’s too hot.

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