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Conversation 1

Man: When is your birthday?
Woman: It is October 18th. When is your birthday?
Man: It is May 5th.
Woman: Oh, my sister's birthday is in May.
Man: Oh, what day?
Woman: May 11th.

Conversation 2

Man: When is your vacation?
Woman: It is from the 8th to the 12th. And you?
Man: It is from the 9th to the 15th.
Woman: Wow, so lucky. I work on the 13th.
Man: Yeah, I am lucky.
Woman: Do you start work on the 16th?
Man: Yes, I start work on the 16th.

Conversation 3

Man: Excuse me, where are the books?
Woman: The books are on the fifth floor.
Man: Fifth floor. Got it. And where are sporting goods?
Woman: Sporting goods are on the third floor.
Man: Third floor. Great. And the restrooms?
Woman: They are on the first, second, fourth and sixth floors.
Man: Great. Thanks so much.
Woman: My pleasure.

Conversation 4

Man: What do you have first period?
Woman: I have math. And you?
Man: I have English. What about second period?
Woman: I have P.E. What about you?
Man: I have history class.
Woman: What do you have third period?
Man: I have art class.
Woman: Really! I have art class third period too!

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