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Adjectives Order 

En anglais on utilise les adjectifs dans  l'ordre suivant :

-1 quantité

-2 opinion / jugement  


-3 taille

-4 température

-5 âge

- forme

-6 couleur

7 origines


8 matière.


A wonderful old English lady helped us to find our way : Une merveilleuse vieille femme anglaise nous a aidé à trouver notre chemin

ex :

This big round green piece of material would be perfect for our works : Ce grand bout de tissu rond et vert sera parfait pour nos travaux

ex ::
Many plastic bottles were left on the beach : Plusieurs bouteilles en plastique étaient laissées sur la plage. 







we have a great big selection of beautiful wool coats.

No, I don’t think that’s what I want.

We also have light spring jackets and colourful plastic raincoats.

No, I think he will want something warmer than those.

Ok, how about a black, Corinthian leather motorcycle jacket?

I’m not exactly a leather riding jacket kind of guy!


Oh! I like that man’s jacket!

Who? The fashionable middle-aged guy in the colourful striped sunglasses

or the elderly Arabic gentleman in the long white kandora?

Neither! The tall, young man with the large red ski jacket.

Ah! He bought that jacket here this morning!

It’s made from comfortable, high-quality material

and comes in three bright, stylish colours.

Great! Can I try on a medium-sized green one?

Sorry! We are all out of those.

Ok, then I’ll try a medium blue one.

Actually, we're all sold out of medium ski jackets.

Can I interest you in a large, purple, polka-dot raincoat?

Just kidding, sir!

You almost had me there!

Here you go.

Now he needs some soft, warm gloves.

I like those!

Can you tell me about them?

Of course!

The outside is a fine, waterproof nylon

and the interior red liner is made of gorgeous Egyptian cotton.

We’ll take them. Do you have any scarves?


Do you prefer a long, wool, knitted scarf,

or perhaps a more luxurious, silk scarf?

Whichever one is warmer!

Then I suggest the knitted scarf. It’s the warmest, coziest scarf we have!

Thank you so much for your help!

You're welcome!

You’ve got your warm, winter jacket…

Your waterproof nylon gloves….

Your cozy, red, wool scarf…

And your trusty old snow shovel!

Now I’m sure you’ll stay warm on a cold, snowy night like this!

I think I 

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