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I : Je
you : Tu
HE : Il
SHE elle
I T : Il,elle,c'
WE : Nous
YOU :  Vous
THEY: Ils,Elles
Object pronouns
ME: moi,me,m' 
YOU  : toi,te,t'
HIM  : lui, le, l'
HER  : elle,la, l' 
IT  : elle, lui, le              la, l' 
US : nous
YOU  : vous
THEM : eux ,les,
Object pronouns :

Les pronoms de compémenten anglais se place toujours derrière le verbe :

-  HE COMES WITH ME  Il vient avec moi 

- SHE CALLED HER Elle l'a appelée

- HE LOOKS AT THEM Il les regarde 

- I  WILL TALK TO THEM je leur parlerai

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Conversation 1

Man: Did you call me?
Woman: Yes, I called you. Can you help me today?
Man: Sure, what can I do for you?
Woman: Can you take me to school?
Man: OK, I can pick you up at 10.
Woman: Great! See you then.

Conversation 2

Man: Who is your best friend?
Woman: My best friend is Sue.
Man: Do you talk to her every day?
Woman: Yes, I see her at school. I always meet her for lunch.
Man: Oh, why do you like her?
Woman: She is nice and funny! She makes me laugh.

Conversation 3

Man: Who is your teacher?
Woman: My teacher is Mr. Wilson. I like him a lot.
Man: Why do you like him?
Woman: Well, he is nice and he always helps me with my homework.
Man: He sounds nice.
Woman: He is. We all love him.

Conversation 4

Man: Do you have my keys?
Woman: No. I put them on the table.
Man: Uh... great. I see them. What about my wallet?
Woman: I think you set it on the counter.
Man: Really, I don't see it.
Woman: Well, I'll help you. One of us will find it.

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