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Jean: Where shall we sit? Look! There are some free seats in the corner.


Jill: The seats by the window are better. It will be cooler there.                                                                                      


Jean: Okay. What would you like to eat?


Jill: I'm really hungry. I think I'll have chicken and chips with baked beans. Why don't you have chicken too?

       /beïkt binz/

Jean: I don't eat meat. It makes me ill. I'll have a cheese sandwich instead.                                      /ai'l/

                     /in sted/

Jill: And what about drinks? I think I'll have some mint tea.


Jean: No that's really expensive! It's three dollars sixty cents! I'll have a coffee; it's much cheaper.



Waiter: Good evening.


Jill: Good evening. We'll have one chicken and chips


with baked beans and one cheese sandwich please.


Waiter: No problem! What would you like to drink?

                                          / wat woudiou laïk/

Jean: A mint tea and a coffee please.


Oh - and please bring me some cream for the coffee.


Waiter: Okay. let me repeat your order. One chicken


and chips with beans, one cheese sandwich, a mint tea and a coffee with cream.

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