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Verbe être et avoir 



Négation contractée

I            AM              I' M               NOT         I'M NOT 
YOU    ARE            YOU'RE      NOT         YOU AREN'T 
HE        IS                HE'S             NOT         HE ISN'T 

SHE      IS               SHE'S           NOT         SHE ISN'T 

IT           IS               IT'S                NOT         IT ISN'T 

WE       ARE          WE'RE         NOT         WE AREN'T 

YOU     ARE          YOU'RE        NOT        YOU AREN'T 
THEY    ARE         THEY'RE     NOT         THEY AREN'T 
Affirmatif :     YOU ARE HAPPY 
Interrogatif :  ARE YOU HAPPY ?
Négatif :          YOU ARE NOT HAPPY       






Négation contractée

Affirmatif :    I HAVE (got) A CAR  
Interrogatif : HAVE YOU (got) A CAR ?
Négatif :       I HAVEN'T (got) A CAR       

I            HAVE        I' VE                NOT          I             HAVEN'T  
YOU    HAVE       YOU'VE          NOT         YOU     HAVEN'T  
HE       HAS           HE'S               NOT         HE        HASN'T 

SHE     HAS          SHE'S             NOT         SHE.    HASN'T 

IT          HAS           IT'S                 NOT         IT          HASN'T 

WE      HAVE        WE'VE          NOT         WE      HAVEN'T 

YOU    HAVE        YOU'VE         NOT        YOU    HAVEN'T 
THEY  HAVE        THEY'VE       NOT        THEY  HAVEN'T 


conversatiion to be
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Conversation 1

Man: I like your family photos. Who is this?
Woman: That
is my dad. He is a doctor.
Man: Wow. He
is very tall.
Woman: Yes,
he is
Man: Is this your mom?
Woman: Yes,
she is a doctor too.
Man: Wow, smart family.

Conversation 2

Man: Who are these people?
Woman: That
is my husband. In this picture, he is at work.
Man: Oh,
is he a fireman?
Woman: Yes, he
is. And this is my daughter
Man: Wow, she
is so cute.
Woman: Yes, she
is cute!

Conversation 3

Man: Who are the people in this picture?
Woman: That
is my older brother and younger sister.
Man: Oh, what do they do?
Woman: My sister
is a pilot. My brother is a farmer.
Man: Wow. They
have cool jobs.
Woman: Yeah, they do!

Conversation 4

Man: And who are these people?
Woman: Those
are my grandparents.
Man: Oh, do they live in town?
Woman: No, they live in the country. They
have a farm.
Man: How nice!
Woman: Yeah, I go there often.




Conversation 1


Man: What’s Bob doing?
Woman: He’s working outside. He’s cutting the grass?
Man: Isn’t he playing tennis today?
Woman: No, he isn’t. His partner can’t play today.
Man: Oh, that’s too bad.
Woman: Yeah, he isn’t happy about it.

Conversation 2


Man: Who’s Mary talking to?
Woman: She’s talking with Joe.
Man: What are they talking about?
Woman: They’re discussing the upcoming party.
Man: Isn’t that next week?
Woman: No, it’s next month.


Conversation 3

Man: What are we having for dinner?
Woman: I’m making fried rice.
Man: That’s not very healthy?
Woman: Well, you’re welcome to make dinner yourself.
Man: No, no, I’m not complaining. That’s fine.
Woman: Well, I’m glad you agree.


Conversation 4

Man: What’re you doing?
Woman: I’m going to the park.
Man: I thought we’re going shopping.
Woman: Oops. I’m sorry. I forgot.
Man: It’s OK. Do you still want to go?
Woman: Yeah! I’m game if you are.

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